Thanks For the ADD

This is a bad time to start a blog.  I have to leave in about 15 minutes to go and visit my new therapist.  My first therapist that actually listed ADD/ADHD as one of her specialties.  Anyways, I didn’t mean to talk about that now …

So if you’re wondering what this blog will be about, well apart from the obvious that it is about ADD/ADHD (and darnit this exclusion/inclusion of the H is already driving me bananas!  I’m doing it because ADHD is the newer and generally accepted format, but I personally don’t have hyperactivity … except possibly right now ….)

If you’re wondering what this blog will be about, well, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Because I DON’T KNOW!!!

I haven’t looked at other blogs.  Why would I?  (Now that was sort of sarcastic. I really should be nicer to myself …)  I haven’t looked at other blogs because

  1. I don’t care.
  2. I kind of care, but am too lazy. (Yes, I can call myself that.  I don’t really mean it.  I exude laziness, which doesn’t mean that I’m lazy.  Damn politically correct people, you ….)
  3. I want to be original, and so I don’t want to inadvertently copy someone else’s style. (I am an expert imitator and so I don’t want to be tempted).
  4. I want to be original because I have an ego that tells me I am unique.
  5. That’s enough for now.
  6. Stop it already!

I foresee this blog as being a daily rambling about my life with ADD.  (I’ve already given up on the H.  Fuck it.)

I was diagnosed 15 years ago as a fallout during my break-up with my first wife.  Then, after the honeymoon phase (I’m talking about the ADD honeymoon, not the honeymoon that I had with my first wife and her best friend … which is not what you think … it is absolutely not what you think … it was her way of ensuring that there not be any, god forbid, unwanted intimacy going on during the honeymoon).

After the ADD honeymoon phase, I almost forgot that I even had ADD.  Until more recently. Now, as I am in the midst of a possible split up with my second wife.  And apparently ADD (albeit a different aspect of it) is right there in the middle of it!

Ok, I better go and meet with this therapist lady.  I really don’t want to leave.  But I’LL BE BACK!