Married Dad (With ADD) in the Basement Laughing

One of the reasons my first wife left me, as stated by her, was that she didn’t want to be married to a 12 year old boy.  She also didn’t want to live in the movie “Groundhog Day”, repeating the same day over and over again.  I guess she didn’t think it was a very good day.

My current wife, Ellen, thought this was ridiculous when she first met me.  Now she knows better.  Although we have decided that I am more accurately a 14 year old boy.  Hey, maybe I matured a couple of years between marriages, who knows.

I think 14 is about right.  I have an 18 year old son who thinks its funny, and odd, that he seems more mature than I do.  He remembers when he was a little kid, thinking that he had such an awesome Dad who would take the time to play and be goofy with him.  But now he knows, or rather he thinks he knows, the truth.  That I was simply doing what I wanted to do, what came naturally to me.

I don’t actually think that I’m a 14 year old boy.  I know that I have more maturity.  After all, I am a parent to two boys who are at very different life stages (the younger just turned 4), and I take that role seriously.  Seriously in terms of the things that I think are most important.  Like showing love, affection, and acceptance.

Ellen, while she appreciates this, is more focused on other parenting roles that she thinks I should have.  Such as being strict with routines, bed times, teeth brushing, and time limits for the TV.  Whatever.  What did she expect when I told her that my favourite movie is “Stepbrothers”?  Seriously, it is my absolute favourite movie of all time !!!

Ellen by her own admission is a very serious person, with serious tastes, and has a very different sense of humor to my own (I’m being generous there when I give her the credit of having a sense of humor).

She did say to me, when we were first dating, that she appreciated how I could remind her not to take life so seriously.  It looks like she’s gone back on that appreciation now.

And so on, and so forth, and yadda yadda yadda.  And now I live in the basement.

I was thinking of the name of that famous blog “Single Dad Laughing”.  Such a simple name and yet it resonates with so many people.  Maybe I should call my blog “Married Dad (with ADD) in the Basement Laughing”.

Not as catchy, but true.

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