Mr. Canada

Man I’m tired.  But I’ve got a lot of blogging ideas running through my head, and I don’t want to write about more than one topic per day, so I’m going to write you a blog today.

But first, I’ll list some ideas here so that I can refer to them later:

  • My forced sexual abstinence
  • Jim the Gym teacher
  • Mr. Canada

Damn, I’m sure I had more.  Anyways …


Mr. Canada

So I went to an ADHD support group today.  It did not leave the greatest impression on me.

The speaker was an advocate for an ADHD organization of some type.  Its hard for me to say exactly what because I couldn’t pay attention.  You see, she gave a sit-down lecture without any visuals, just reading from her notes.  The room was packed and I was in the back, so I couldn’t see her.  All I could do was listen to a voice which was no competition for the voices inside of my own head.  That really should not have come as a surprise to her.

The audience seemed a little nerdy/scraggly/plain.  It reminded me of a theoretical physics audience.  I should know – I used to be a physicist in one of my former lives.  Most of the audience seemed like this, except for one individual – Mr. Canada.

Just as I was dozing off towards the end a man stood up on a chair and started rapping from his soap box.  He spoke in rhymes, explaining that it was best for an ADHD audience in terms of paying attention, also done in rhyme.  His lyrics spoke of his business, a school for aspiring rap artists, or hiphop, or some kind of musical/dance thingy.  All while standing up on a chair and making large gestures out towards his audience.  This was straight out of a movie scene.  It was AWESOME!

He spoke of being a former Mr. Canada bodybuilder.  He wasn’t that big, but his bulging veins did give away that telltale sign of years spent in the gym.  I should know – I used to be an amateur bodybuilder in one of my former lives.  He even did a pose for us.  SHABAAAAM!!!

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