What Are You Thinking About ?

I get that a lot.  Even still from Ellen who I’ve been married to for close to 7 years.  I can understand the question.  After all, it does look like I’m “thinking” to the untrained eye.  Except for that whimsical smile …

Daydreaming and thinking are two different things.  What I do is called daydreaming.  So what do I daydream about?

Made-up conversations and scenarios that start from a glimmer of reality, then veer off in an unexpected direction.  They usually end in some sort of funny or amusing coincidence involving different people that I know.  Its like I’m watching a movie, except I’m the star.

Or I’m scoring amazing soccer goals, “breaking ankles” along the way.  I’m not that good of a soccer player you see, so that’s why it’s a daydream and not realistic.  And yet, I still think it is realistic.  If only I can remember how I did that in my daydream then do it in real life …. And yet it never happens.  But it will happen next time, I’m pretty sure.

Its soccer now because I’ve only been playing for a couple of years.  Before that it was martial arts that I daydreamed about, and that I did in real life.  Until I got bored of it and stopped.  Suddenly.

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